Are you in dispute and need an urgent solution? Don’t you want to go to court; are you worried about length and cost of the process? In addition, do you want to have an influence on the final solution – these services are for you:

  • Traditional mediation (in business or work place)
  • Mediation advice for one of the parties of the conflict
  • Consultation regarding team- related conflict resolution
  • FREE OF CHARGE initial conversation with mediator

See which of these services will be the best in your situation.

You are you observing a conflict in your surroundings but you are not a party to it? Are you the team manager, in which a dispute is arrising? If employees are saying that everything is okay or claim that they will manage themselves – we can help you. The mediator will meet with you at individual sessions and discuss the root causes of the conflict and suggest the most effective solutions and methods to prevent them in the future.
Anti-mobbing committee
This offer is dedicated to HR departments that needs to call for anty mobbing committee to investigate a mobbing case or similar employee complaint. The mediator as a neutral person, from outside of the company, an expert in area of conflict resolution. As member of the committee ensures objectivity and outside of the company perspective.

Mediation is our passion. We will help you to solve all kinds of conflicts;
business, commercial and in workplace. You can fully rely on us in conflict with a
client, business partner or  employee. Perhaps mentoring  would be a better solution in your case?
– we can decide together during initial call.