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Wrocław Mediator gospodarczy i pracowniczy Dominika Błażewicz

Dominika Błażewicz-
-mediator Wroclaw


Dominika Błażewicz – mediator in civil cases, ( workplace, business, commercial)  Psychology and Human Resources Management Graduate.  Labour law and HR expert in area of ​​the sales, finance, IT and automotive. Coach and soft skills,  change management specialis.
Since 2012 entitled to conduct mediation in criminal and juvenile cases by the district court in Wroclaw. I have finished first mediation school  in 2010 and continued since then further skills development in  Polish Mediation Centre.  Member of the Polish Mediation Center until 2013.


Even the best businesses can be stopped on the run by the conflicts, but we believe that there are no litigations which cannot be resolved. Sometimes we cope with them alone and sometimes we need support – someone who will put new light on the situation, cool emotions, and when there is lack of faith in the success of the negotiations – will motivate and inspire. Our mission is to see your business “back on track”.

We work in three areas – mediation, consulting and trainings.

We support clients in out of court disputes resolving because we believe that this is the best time and stress saving method. Disputes are an essential part of our personal and professional life and therefore the conflict is not the issue but the way to solve it.